Dessert Tub Gift Bag- EGGLESS

Dessert Tub Gift Bag- EGGLESS


A triple whammy – Choose any 3 of our most loved Dessert Tubs and get them in a Festive Sugarama Gift Bag for Rakhi.

All contents in this bag are EGGLESS.

Snackers: Our spin on Snickers in a dessert tub, you will dig into a Dark Chocolate Mousse, Nutty Peanut Butter, Salted Caramel, Moist Chocolate Sponge.

Rad Velvet: Our spin is so good, we call it Rad Velvet. Layers of Cocoa Coffee Sponge with a Cream Cheese Mousse & Caramelised Walnuts.

Bisc-Off: Biscoff Crumb, Cream Cheese Mousse, Biscoff Spread, Caramel Crisp Pearls, Chocolate Popping Candy.

Hazel’s Nuts: Chocolate Sponge, Gianduja Mousse, Nutella Crunch, Candied Cocoa Nibs.

Rise & Grind: Vanilla Sponge, Coffee Soak, Coffee Mousse, Salted Coffee Crumb, Kahlua Jelly

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