Chef Driven

Rama, our chef Patissier, graduated from Le Cordon Bleu-Sydney, and trained with different international chefs in Sydney to hone his skills across pastry domains.

Ingredient Focussed

Couveture Chocolate from Belgium, Fruit Purées from France, Small batch artisan dairy products, Fresh produce from local vendors, all sourced from fellow small businesses to build a sustainable ecosystem.

On - Demand

Operational 7 days a week to help you get your sugar on whenever the craving strikes. Never miss an occasion with our 90 minute delivery promise.

Persistently Consistent

We strive hard to deliver consistency in our products and experience to every patron for every engagement.

Drools Club

Never take a craving for granted.
Pre-Order on the website to join our Drools Club and get credits worth 5% of order value in your wallet, redeemable on all subsequent purchases.
Go ahead, get your sugar on with us...


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